2010 till 2011

Free social year.

As an English teacher in the south – west of China, Yunnan. Where I also participated in socialprojects.


 Short internship at a small fashion studio in Hamburg, Alpenglühn/ Blutkarpfen


Working as a volunteer in the design / art collective Tante Netty. Participate in developing new ideas for projects, helping at workshops and providing small designs.


Internship at MUT Design


Graduated with BA from Design Academy Eindhoven, Man &Activity



Since July 2016 working as a Productdesigner and Artdirector at MUT Design.


I did a practical work experience at the Hamburger Kunsthalle. Part of my work was guiding Kids through the exhibitions and afterwards to inspire them to draw and to do handicraft work, fitting to the topic of the exhibition just visited.


Volunteer work in Kassel, Germany in a facility for handicaped People, for three weeks.


Volunteer work in a Camphill Community in Yorkshire, England. There I helped to take care of people with handicaps living there. Next to that i helped harvesting and I worked in the Woodworkshop.


I finished my high school studies at the Rudolf Steiner Schule Hamburg-Altona, with my general qualification for university entrance.



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