Starting point for this assignment was the topic adhd, this is currently the most commonly behaviour disorder under kids and teenagers worldwide.

By giving the affected people mdicamentation, Ritalin, they became more focused and concentrated. But in many cases, there came unpleasant side effects with the mdeicamantation, like apathy and loss of the pleasures of live.

From a talk with a specialist, I got to know, that it´s also possible to reduce the symptoms of adhd by regulated food and by putting the effected people on a special diet. Especially the nibbling of sweets gives the “illness” an extra support. During my research I stumbled up on the sugar type Xylit, sugar extracted from birch trees. Xylit doesn’t have the effect of supporting hyperactivity like normal sugar and as a nice side effect of making teeth strong and healthy.

I came up with idea to make healthy candy, with natural colouring, flavours, no antidegradants and Xylit this creation I called Bio Pop.

Overvew of the different natural Colors and flavours I found so far in my Research.