B n´ B

This breadbasket has been developed for 2014 design contest from the Dutch chain store HEMA. The assignment was, to create a product under the topic food and kitchen that fits in to the image of HEMA.

I decided to design a breadbasket.

Bread is one of our oldest staple food and one of the most important ones. This way of confecting grain is know in nearly all cultures worldwide.

To keep up with the ongoing trend of natural products, I decided to choose for natural material like bamboo, wood and cotton.

Further on I wanted to put the handling of the bread in the foreground. To preserve the freshness, the bread is wrapped in a cloth and afterwards placed in the basket.

By the daily movement of the wrapping and unwrapping this movement gets ritualized. This ritual should give the befitting respect to one of our most important staple foods, the bread.